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Talk at the KIT


Dr. Reifenhäuser was invited to give a talk at the Department of Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).read more

Review of the 11. Xyna Konferenz in our Blog


»Heute noch die Cloud – und dann?« is the title of our first blog entry at »Inside GIP«. It's a short report of our Xyna Konferenz 2016 from our colleague Patrick more

Xyna Konferenz 2016: a great success!


The 11th Xyna Konferenz »Beyond The Cloud« took place at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden on November 24th. read more

Talk at the FIAS (CoNDyNet Workshop) - Recap


Dr. Reifenhäuser was invited to give a talk about packed based power transmission at the FIAS in Frankfurt am more

Talk at the FIAS (CoNDyNet Workshop)


Dr. Reifenhäuser was invited to give a talk at the workshop »Collective Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Electricity Grids (CoNDyNet) Workshop: From Research to Application« which takes place at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) in Frankfurt am more

QGrid at


Quantum Grid: Ein Stromnetz wie das Internet // Quantum Grid: A Power Grid like the Internet Full Article at (German) read more

»Hacking« the Power Grid


Technology Review Germany (Wolfgang Richter), reported about the Quantum Grid. read more

Power Blockchains: Transparent and decentralized (EW Magazine)


The digital transformation occurs. Its principal component is the automation potential and the opportunity to build new business models - especially disruptive ones. The the electricity sector need such new approaches. In particular, special-distribution system operators are trapped in rigid more

Smart Grid Router patent granted in Europe


After China and the USA, the Smart Grid Router concept is now protected by an european patent more

»QGrid High-Availability Cells« at Xyna Konferenz 2016


The blackout threatens: »Federal Government observed faults in the network«, reported the German Business News on 25th August. The President of the Federal Office for Civil Protection, Christoph Unger, warned: »The long-lasting, widespread power outage is the central challenge we faced us for us.« The aspect of the Blackout avoidance for critical infrastructure is essential for a high-tech society like ours. Besides avoiding area-wide blackouts it is very difficult to solve the problem of restarting of the networks. This is a non-trivial solution in a synchronous network. Analogous to shipbuilding it is recommended the withdrawal of security bulkheads and thus segmentation of the network. How can such a thing to be realized? In particular, the coupling of the resulting sub-networks and micro grids is a challenge and requires new concepts for power transmission. read more

Xyna Konferenz 2016


24th November 2016 the 11th Xyna Konferenz takes place at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden. Nothing is so much for the transition to a digital world as the cloud. But are digital innovations bindingly connected to a cloud model? How innovations beyond the cloud will look like? What challenges we will be confronted with – technically, economically, but also politically? These are the questions we will discuss this year at the Xyna Conference 2016 of the GIP Research more

GIP supports schools of Mainz for MINT activities


Since 2013 GIP supports public G9 schools in Mainz in specific MINT activities. At Gymnasium Oberstadt (GMO) each Thursday girls in 5th and 6th grade work on projects out of the broad MINT portfolio with support of students from University of Mainz (Ada Lovelace-Project). read more

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Interested audience at Graduate School of Material Science (JoGU Mainz)


Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser (President of the GIP Research Institute, Mainz, Germany) hold his lecture about the QGrid at the Graduate School for Material Science (Johannes Gutenberg-University).read more

QGrid Trailer


The Quantum Grid is self-organized, cell-based, demand-driven and creates the Energy Internet. See a short video and learn more about packet-based power more

Lecture at Graduate School of Excellence - JoGU Mainz


Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser (President of the GIP Research Institute, Mainz, Germany) will give a lecture about »QGrid: PaketbasierterStromtransport. Eine verrückte Idee auf dem Weg zur Umsetzung.«read more