Xyna Carrier-grade Network Engineering

Digital Innovation

A special focus of the GIP is on Xyna Carrier-grade Network Engineering (XNE) with the goal of being able to deliver services efficiently directly from the network.

The central task of XNE is to develop a Ā»Carrier-gradeĀ« production platform from network and network elements for web-based services. Such services can be provided for a large number of very different customers.

By the multi-dimensional nature of carrier grade tasks (e.g.separation of customers, security, high availability …) the challenges within field of application for Xyna Carrier-grade Network Engineering are significantly higher than in the implementation of an usual enterprise solution.

The GIP has an extensive network expertise which comprises models and methods for network design and configuration of network elements. A current focus is the realization of products and services on the web by using SDN (Software Defined Network) techniques and intelligent algorithms.

Our solution Xyna Digital Collaborative Cloud (XDCC) is largely influenced by this approach. XDCC is a comprehensive and secure platform for network carriers to provide automated, virtual site connections and cloud services.

To achieve these objectives, we perform the following actions:

  • creation of relevant use cases and usage patterns
  • Design of services / performance parameters beyond the borders of single network elements
  • Development of configuration modules and their interdependencies
  • verification / evaluation of the features regarding functionality as well as aspects such as security, performance, safety, etc.

Xyna Factory – a model- and order-driven workflow platform to automate network-related configuration processes in telecommunication networks (Carrier, Service Provider) – is GIP's main product. The development and integration is based on the unique paradigm of Visual Service Engineering.

The technical focus is on the implementation of IT and OSS processes for the configuration of complex products for corporate customers.