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Talk at the KIT

Dr. Reifenhäuser was invited to give a talk at the Department of Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).


Review of the 11. Xyna Konferenz in our Blog

»Heute noch die Cloud – und dann?« is the title of our first blog entry at »Inside GIP«. It's a short report of our Xyna Konferenz 2016 from our colleague Patrick Albert.


Xyna Konferenz 2016: a great success!

The 11th Xyna Konferenz »Beyond The Cloud« took place at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden on November 24th.


Talk at the FIAS (CoNDyNet Workshop) - Recap

Dr. Reifenhäuser was invited to give a talk about packed based power transmission at the FIAS in Frankfurt am Main.


Talk at the FIAS (CoNDyNet Workshop)

Dr. Reifenhäuser was invited to give a talk at the workshop »Collective Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Electricity Grids (CoNDyNet) Workshop: From Research to Application« which takes place at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) in Frankfurt am Main.


QGrid at

Quantum Grid: Ein Stromnetz wie das Internet // Quantum Grid: A Power Grid like the Internet Full Article at (German)


»Hacking« the Power Grid

Technology Review Germany (Wolfgang Richter), reported about the Quantum Grid.


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About Us

GIP’s mission »Thinking Beyond Computing« stands for the vision of a new net – beyond today’s computer networks. A net in which the person stands in the center.

GIP continuously pursues the worldwide approaches from research and practice as well as the technological developments in order to make a contribution to the evolution of the net by linking knowledge, innovation and realization.

»The person is the measure of all things, the being that they are, and the non-being that they are not.« Protagoras

Xyna Factory – a model- and order-driven workflow platform to automate network-related configuration processes in telecommunication networks (Carrier, Service Provider) – is GIP's main product. The development and integration is based on the unique paradigm of Visual Service Engineering.

The technical focus is on the implementation of IT and OSS processes for the configuration of complex products for corporate customers.

For us, the application of IT is only the means, not the purpose of the realization of our solutions. Our aim is to understand our customers’ processes, technologies, markets and customers in order to develop together with them innovative system solutions based on it.