Applicant FAQ

Questions & answers regarding your application at GIP

Why GIP?

What does GIP offer and other companies not?

  • We offer you a unique mixture of a stable supplier of innovative solutions established many years ago and a dynamic growing company. We are no wild start-up company without rules and without security – but we are also no big concern with long decision making processes, big hierarchy and fix employee rates.
  • We offer you the chance to form the future of communication in projects for worldwide leading providers (e.g. Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone) and on an innovative and future-oriented automation platform – the Xyna Factory.
  • We offer you the chance to involve actively in the advancement of our product and our solutions. Our aspiration is the constant advancement – and in this process versatile possibilities arise to be involved actively in new fields and areas.

Furthermore, we offer you

  • a safe and modern job in a healthy company (owner-managed, clear of debt, black figures for many years),
  • a cooperative environment and a highly motivated, very well-placed team,
  • a job in Mainz – the active city and provincial capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate, which is characterized by its university and the carnival and located in the Rhine Main region in the near of the Frankfurt airport and varied possibilities of living.

Which perspectives and career possibilities can I expect?

According to the entrance level and personal ambitions you can expect different ways to position yourself within the company. We try to find suitable developing and career perspectives for all employees. Whether as group / project manager in the software development or as a Senior Consultant – there are various chances to develop personally and professionally.

Research Institute & Fellowship – What is this?

Beside the usual career paths, e.g. from a junior software developer to a senior developer and/or project manager, GIP offers another exclusive perspective: the membership in the GIP Research Institute as a Research Fellow.

The Research Fellows are a small, exclusive circle of well-chosen employees which work, beside their »usual« project operations, at the GIP Research Institute. They are characterized by a far above-average engagement and special abilities and/or knowledge which they use for the realization of our vision of a connected world.

Therefore the Fellowship is a special career perspective, because it does not orientate at »usual« scales of leading positions. Thus, e.g. no qualification for team management is necessary.

Which professional trainings are offered?

Our company culture is characterized historically and academically by the high percentage of university graduates. We focus on independent and individual advanced training which is requested and promoted by the company (e.g. in the form of magazine subscriptions or book orders).

In addition, there are internal university trainings on different subjects, as for example »Basics of telecommunication« or “Methods of process modeling”.

Do I directly work on projects as a young professional?

Yes – our entrance program is based on the principle »Training on the job«, i.e. you work immediately in our current developing projects.
According to your entrance level, your current work experience and your state of knowledge, you take over suitable tasks and become acquainted with the professional life at GIP.

What will my future work place look like?

The rooms at GIP are very modern and designed according to the open-space concept. (For further details see here: Company » Location). In addition to the actual workplace, the employees have a communal kitchen with all necessary amenities, such as a water dispenser, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher, a lounge with Nespresso machine and a shower, which is particularly useful for employees who come to work by bike.

Positions, knowledge & abilities

Which positions would you like to occupy?

We search continuously and regardless of specific position advertisings for motivated new employees in the fields of »software development« and »consulting«. In this connection we search graduates without work experience as well as professionals with several years of work experience.

Which requirements should I fulfill?

Basically you should have graduated university (bachelor, master, diploma or doctorate) in a technical-oriented degree program. Many of our employees graduated in physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. But we also welcome applications from graduates of other degree programs or comparable professional trainings with corresponding knowledge and interests.

Can I complete an internship at GIP?

Pupil’s internship: Unfortunately, we currently do not offer internships for pupils.

Compulsory internship: Basically, yes, with a minimum duration of 3 months. Please send us your application with all documents to the e-mail address: . As our capacities for interns are limited, you can call or e-mail anytime to get information about our vacancies.

What does GIP mean by the terms »Junior« and »Senior«?

GIP offers for example the job vacancies »Junior Software Developer« and »Senior Software Developer«. This differentiation has nothing to do with the age of the potential applicants. In our job vacancies the term »Junior« means that we are looking for applicants without professional experience, though with an adequate university degree. »Senior« job vacancies are targeted at applicants with professional experience.

Which tasks and challenges can I expect as a software developer?

As a software developer you work within the product development or within customer projects for the implementation (customizing) of our product into the providers’ network infrastructures. Your working place is usually Mainz – if necessary you work at our customer’s premises for implementing tests and in acceptance phases.

In any case, you can expect a diverse job in varying teams and with different allocations of tasks. According to your entrance level and level of experience you take over the responsibility for the technical realization of components, sub-projects – or also projects.

As we develop our product with the newest technologies and methods, you can develop your abilities and knowledge continuously.

As a software developer you should be interested in the following areas: Java (SE/EE), database, application server and telecommunication technology / IP nets.

Which tasks and challenges can I expect as a Consultant?

As a Consultant you advice our customers regarding the planning, realization and implementation of new services, new systems or new production processes for IP-based services. We make a differentiation between consulting within the scope of product implementing projects and independent consulting projects. In any case, an exciting, demanding job with constantly new challenges expects you.

As a Junior Consultant you support, according to your level of experience and entrance level, experienced colleagues and as a Consultant or Senior Consultant you are responsible for sub-projects or projects. You should have a communicative and present personality to take over an active and forming role in discussions and meetings with customers. Your abilities in the visualization and description of problem formulations and solutions help you to generate added value for our customers.

In addition, you should command of a high interest and a comprehensive analytic understanding for complex technical questions.

Application procedure

E-mail or application documents via post?

We prefer an application via e-mail to . But, of course, also application documents via post will not be rejected.

Which documents do you need?

Please send us your entire application documents, i.e. beside a letter of motivation and your curriculum vitae also scans/photos of your last certificates, performance records and other supporting documents.

What happens after receipt of the application?

Immediately after receipt of your documents you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt via e-mail. After that we look through your documents and you usually receive an answer within the next 7-10 days. Please do not send inquiries until then.

Assessment center or personal interviews?

If your application documents correspond to the written-out demands and our view of the position, we invite you to a personal interview with the responsible professional person and/or the executive board. According to the position, the field of functions and the entrance level there can be several interviews. We try to find an appointment as soon as possible.

How many new employees do you hire per year?

The GIP has positioned as a successful company in the market and grows continuously. For motivated and suitable qualified applicants we have no restricted number of established posts.

How do I get to GIP?

GIP is located in Hechtsheimer Str. 35-37, 55131 Mainz, 1st floor. In the immediate vicinity of the building is the bus stop »Martin-Luther-Straße« as well as a taxi stand and a »Mainzer Mietrad« station (mvgmeinrad).