Our »GIP Building« in Mainz

How you find us

GIP Exyr GmbH
GIP Research Institute ▪ GIP AG
GIP SmartMercial GmbH ▪ GIP BrainMission GmbH

Hechtsheimer Str. 35-37
55131 Mainz
Phone: +49 (0) 61 31 / 80 124 0

With public transportation
From Mainz central station or railway station “Römisches Theater”:

Bus line 64
Direction: Mainz-Laubenheim / Rüsselsheimer Allee
Station: Martin-Luther-Straße

Bus line 65
Direction: Mainz-Weisenau / Paul-Gerhardt-Weg
Station: Martin-Luther-Straße

After leaving the bus, you will find our building on the left hand side.

A taxi stand as well as a »Mainzer Mietrad« station (mvgmeinrad) are in the immediate vicinity.

GIP Building

Intelligent solutions in innovative rooms
We produce future

One objective of GIP’s work is the transfer of industrial manufacturing methods and concepts to the service production in the telecommunications industry. This approach creates a highly flexible production of customized services. Extensive flexibility regarding working places, distinctive dynamics and a regular exchange between the employees characterize the workflow-oriented cooperation in the GIP building.

The GIP building offers an optimal working environment to help form the future of telecommunications. Thus, the premises are designed in accordance with the Open-Space-Concept. These modern office structures are characterized by a continous office space which is divided by furniture, glass walls and/or partitions into organized working zones.

This supports the communication between the employees, encourages teamwork and offers a maximum degree of flexibility. In this way the innovative premises reflect GIP‘s innovative ability.

Besides a generous lounge to intensify communication, the GIP building offers different project and laboratory rooms as well as a library as a possibility to retreat.

The geothermal system of the building allows an effective and environmentally friendly heating and cooling of the premises. Using boreholes, heat is produced and distributed in the building. In summer, the geothermal system is operates in the so-called »Free Cooling« mode. As a result, the room temperature can be reduced without using air-conditioning.

The resource-sparing optimization of power supply is part of GIP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For – despite a modern and energy-efficient IT-infrastructure – the 24-hour operation of the servers require a lot of energy.

Mainz (Mayence) - Winner of the eTown Award

GIP is located in the »eTown award« winning city of Mayence. The IW Cologne and Google award the ten most digital cities in Germany with this title. According to their research Mayence-based companies are characterized by the fact that they are shifting their business, sales and marketing activities faster and more comprehensively into the net than elsewhere in Germany. GIP is one of the companies which seizes the opportunities of the Internet consistently.

In addition to Mayence, nine other cities are among the winners – one in each German zip code area. Amongst others Berlin, Leipzig and Nuremberg were awarded as eTowns.