GIP Research Institute

We live »Thinking Beyond Computing«

The GIP mission is the intelligent connection of the world – under the leitmotiv »Thinking Beyond Computing«. For us the focus lies on creativity, sustainability and practicability of the idea. Together with our customers we create Digital innovations for the connection of people and machines. Only in the second step the IT implementation based on best practices from computer science and software development follows – always including the automation platform Xyna Factory.

In the communication and in the projects with our customers the digital innovations are implemented on the basis of specific methods and procedures: essential are the approaches for Smart Service, Xyna Carrier-grade Network Engineering and Process Automation. The results are dominated by the cooperation of common objectives and intelligent solution finding. A high quality transfer of ideas in Software and Xyna Factory-based IT processes is then the way to the implementation of the Digital Innovation. The focus of GIP is on the implementation of solutions for corporate customers.

GIP continuously pursues the worldwide approaches from research and practice as well as the technological developments in order to make a contribution to the evolution of the net by linking knowledge, innovation and realization. Digital Innovations are created in the GIP Research Institute.

The application of IT is only the means, not the purpose of the realization of our solutions. Our aim is to understand our customers’ processes, technologies, markets and customers in order to develop in cooperation with our customers innovative system solutions based on it.

»The person is the measure of all things, the being that they are, and the non-being that they are not.« 


The GIP Research Institute is responsible for GIP research activities focusing on Digital Innovation.

Our target is innovation – realized through the development of new methods, services and solutions for the construction and operation of intelligent networks, so-called “smart networks”. Smart Networks are convergent, intelligent networks of the future, such as IP-based networks in telecommunications (Next Generation Networks, Future Internet) or smart grids and electric mobility networks in the energy sector.

Based on the R&D in the Research Institute GIP develops and sells solutions in form of Xyna Factory products and consulting services.

The Research Institute plans and organizes the Xyna Konferenz. There, the Institute presents its innovations, research collaborations and new products of the GIP.