Future Internet

Xyna Konferenz 2008

Managing Service Complexity

All around this subject the 3rd Xyna Konferenz of the GIP Research Institute took place on 25th November 2008.

The architecture and the technical bases of the internet are more than 30 years old. Research initiatives in the USA and in Europe already deal with the questions and the concept of a Future Internet. Since not only the currently very increasing traffic, but also the medium-term energy problems and an efficient resource application put new demands for the net of the future. The internet has to and definitively will change.

This implies a radical restructuring and a rebuilding of the OSS sceneries of net operators and providers and that is the reason why Dr. Reifenhaeuser chose this subject for the 3rd Xyna Konferenz.

The close connection and continual integration of research, future and practice distinguished the Xyna Konferenz once more and created a unique atmosphere to glance at the future of telecommunications.

Main sponsor of the conference was Oracle also this year on whose infrastructure the »red edition« of the Xyna Service Factory is based. The successful and close partnership between Oracle and GIP is reflected in the support of the conference.

Xyna Konferenz 2008 - Review

A short roundup of our 3rd Xyna Konferenz.
(with german audio)

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