Secure Networks for Critical Infrastructures

Xyna Konferenz 2013

8th Xyna Konferenz of the GIP Research Institute 13th November 2013, Kurhaus, Wiesbaden

Xyna H2 Networks
High Performance & High Security Communication Networks

The 8th Xyna Konferenz of the GIP Research Institute, which took place on 13th November 2013 again in the Kurhaus Wiesbaden, continued the successful series of this conference about the future of communication. More than 160 guests from IT, telecommunications, energy management, industry, research and development dealt one day with questions about secure communication networks for critical infrastructures.


Marc Elsberg

The Austrian bestseller author Marc Elsberg (Blackout – Tomorrow it is too late) reported about his research to his book and demonstrated impressively which consequences a longer-term blackout of the energy networks can have in our highly-networked and fully-industrialized world.

Harald A. Summa

Harald A. Summa is founder and managing director of the DE-CIX, the worldwide biggest internet exchange point in Frankfurt and initiator of the eco syndicate of the German digital economy. He presented the infrastructure and security measures at the DE-CIX and also faced critical questions to the latest discussions about bugging and espionage activities of international intelligence agencies in German and European networks.

Dr. Bernd Reifenhaeuser

The President of the GIP Research Institute, Dr. Bernd Reifenhaeuser, presented with his approach of a package-oriented Digital Grid a revolutionary (and patented) approach for the energy networks of the future – and discussed the question, if today’s IP networks are an appropriate and secure communication platform for the networks of the future at all.

Dr. Alexander Ebbes

Dr. Alexander Ebbes is Vice-President of the GIP Research Institute, CTO of GIP AG and Chief Architect of the automation platform Xyna Factory. He showed with the contract-based approach of Xyna H² Networks the idea and realization strategy for high performant and high security networks for critical infrastructures.

Beside presentations and discussions, GIP AG showed – by means of different demos – current use cases and innovations from the product development of Xyna Factory, among others for the orchestration of UCC-applications (Unified Communications & Collaboration) incl. workflow-oriented generation of portals. Another construction showed the solution Xyna CCS – Corporate Communication Solutions, a (virtual) appliance for the configuration of LAN services in enterprise networks, e.g. the automated configuration of Managed Switches, Port-based Security with IEEE802.1X and WPA-Enterprise for WiFi networks.

The conference ended – as every year – with the Xyna Party in the Kurhaus’ winter garden.

XK2013 - Webtrailer

Teasing the 8th Xyna Konferenz. Blackouts to come!

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