Destination Digital X

Xyna Konferenz 2014

Digital Transformation and connecting the world

9th Xyna Konferenz of the GIP Research Institute

The term »digital transformation« describes the fundamental change of economic and society by internet based technological innovations.

Information are easier to capture, record or to utilize. With the internet of thing, big data, mobility, social media and cloud computing, digital technologies affect almost every conceivable area of life, industry and economic sector. Our society is about to undergo a fundamental change.

Communication networks and technologies have to adapt these new requirements. Also service providers need short innovation cycles and flexible supply chains to fulfill their customers demands.

This years GIP Research Institute’s 9th Xyna Konferenz dicsussed the question, how digitalization will change the collaboration between men beyond corporate boundaries (digital company), how it changes future cities (digital city) as well as future energy networks (digital grid). Therefore we need systems and platforms to control the information flows.

The speeches by Dr. Bernd Reifenhaeuser, Yvonne Hofstetter, Randolf Stich, Axel Foery, Martin Jeske and Dr. Alexander Ebbes excited the industry experts. During the Xyna Café, the guest had the chance to get an impression of GIP’s Xyna-based product innovations.

XK2014 - Review

Impressions from the very successful 9th Xyna Konferenz of the GIP Research Institute.

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