Thinking Beyond Computing

Xyna Konferenz 2017

Can We Copy the Brain?

The 12th Xyna Konferenz with the title: »Thinking Beyond Computing: Can We Copy the Brain?« had its main focus on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally the GIP celebrated its 25th anniversary and therefore invited a very special guest and speaker: the pope of AI, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber. Meanwhile his invention, the LSTM, is part of every smart phone and employed by leading companies, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

A workshop, led by the host, Dr. Reifenhäuser, founder and CEO of the GIP, examined different aspects of the current R&D on the topic of AI. Dr. Reifenhäuser presented the »Quantum Grid out of the Box – The Thinking Grid« to his guests. This is a self constructing and self organizing power network which is especially suitable for countries with weak infrastructures, e.g. Ruanda. Thereto Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber gave a presentation on Deep Learning and LSTM. In a following get-together the guests had the possibility to ask many interesting questions.

Dr. Alexander Ebbes opened the series of lectures. He presented the visionary projects of the GIP related to the subject of AI. He introduced the guests to a world of intelligent networking, with communication networks as AI-based SDN. A special focus was laid on the main product of the GIP. The Xyna factory is a model-based automation platform that executes processes like visual engineering by using AI.

Prof. Dr. Schmidhuber drew the vision of how in the future AIs will not only enrich our daily life but also start to act and decide completely autonomous, indifferent towards a human being.

That this could or will not only have positive effects, was shown by Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring, professor for philosophy, whose field of expertise is the impact of digitalization on human beings, the »mechanization of society«. The series of lectures was closed by Dr. Reifenhäuser, who raised the awareness that first of all artificial intelligence requires intelligent input (i.e. data). In accordance with the company’s name GIP AG Gesellschaft für Industriephysik he showed the physical point of view, that measuring, data collection and data preparation are strategic key factors for a successful KI. He explained that in the future the mission of the GIP »Thinking Beyond Computing« alongside the model-based algorithms will be extended by model-based data collection. This becomes even more important once the available data is exhausted. He stated that this is where possibilities evolve for the German middle-class industry to secure a strategic position.

More than 230 specialists of the telecommunication and energy sector eagerly followed the lectures. Afterwards during the Xyna Party they were able to discuss exciting questions with the speakers about the impact of AI on our future lives.

This year’s speakers

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber

Academic Director of the Swiss Research Institution for Artificial Intelligence IDSIA
»Vision of AI«

Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring

Chair of Philosophy at TU Darmstadt
»Digitale Intelligenz – Viel Licht, viel Schatten«

Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser

President of the GIP Research Institute
»Can We Copy the Brain«

Dr. Alexander Ebbes

CTO of GIP AG & CEO of GIP Exyr GmbH
»Xyna the AI based SDN«