Xyna Cable Factory

Complete OSS solution and Device Management for Cable MSO

Intelligent management of 3-play services and high quality products for corporate customers

With the Xyna Cable Factory service-related and network-related provisioning and provisioning processes can be developed, implemented and automated for residential and corporate customers. The Xyna Cable Factory benefits from the knowledge and expertise of GIP whith more than 15 years of experience in developing OSS solutions for high-quality IP services for leading providers (Tier-1 Carriers).

Thus proven concepts like the Xyna Network Abstraction Layer for the separation of the general (generic) configuration processes from of the device-specific activation adapters are applied. From the perspective of Xyna Cable Factory the different access variants are thereby only aspects of a superior network.

The use of just one single access network in the future gives away market potential to competitors and gambles with the existing customer base. Fractal networks with converged services (accessible through various channels and various mobile and stationary terminals) are the future of telecommunications.

For MSOs with convergent networks [HFC, Carrier Ethernet, …] the Xyna Cable Factory offers a variety of ways to implement future-oriented services, such as in the area of CE 2.0. That way the model-driven development of corporate customer services can be realized in the fields of Line (point-to-point), LAN (multipoint-to-multipoint) and Tree (point-to-multipoint) by using Xyna Cable Factory. Further perspectives can arise from the fields of MUlti-CoS, Interconnection, Customer Manageability, E-Line / E-LAN, Campus Management or Carrier-managed LAN.

The spectrum of integration and automation of self-service processes and self-care-driven configuration procedures is supplemented (for example, for voice and VPN configurations) through various commissioning pathways that play a central role in the management of networks and services in the future.

Also the Xyna Cable Factory is in essence based on a Xyna Factory.

Xyna Factory – a model- and order-driven workflow platform to automate network-related configuration processes in telecommunication networks (Carrier, Service Provider) – is GIP's main product. The development and integration is based on the unique paradigm of Visual Service Engineering.

The technical focus is on the implementation of IT and OSS processes for the configuration of complex products for corporate customers.


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»Auf dem Weg zu Multi-Gigabit-Anschlüssen« von Dr. Alexander Ebbes und Jan Rübenach NET 5/13