Quantum Grid

Research & Development

Cooperation and projects in QGrid R&D

In Europe, innovative ideas for an energy grid of the future exist. We want to develop a so-called Energy Internet for the power supply of the future.

We are looking for research institutions, energy network operators, utility companies, energy traders, manufacturers of active network components for electrical transmission networks (power electronics) and manufacturers of storage solutions for the collaboration in the energy network of the future and the packet-based power transmission.

Europe is leading in the field of power electronics and DC technology. Combined with intelligent networking and new transmission mechanisms there are great chances to expand this position onto the field of energy transfer.

Currently there are research collaborations for the investigation of packet-based routed energy transport with the following institutions:

In addition to the research in the field of Quantum Grid, GIP AG is an associated member of the BMWi-funded SINTEG research project Designetz.