Future Energy & Quantum Grid

A Grid like the Internet. In the patented Quantum Grid, invented by Dr. Ebbes and DocBernd power is transmitted by means of energy packets. These packages are defined by the time course of the electric power, called power flow, to be transmitted via a previously determined route for a fixed transmission period. The transmission takes place by controlling the entangled power flow of these packets. In contrast to the classic grid, transmission can take place via any previously determined route. The automatic and self-organized Quantum Grid Routing such then transmits the packets via optimal routes. Thus, the Quantum Grid has the DNA to be able to adapt highly flexibly to the dynamic requirements of a regenerative, volatile and decentralized energy supply of the future.

Quantum Grid

A power grid like the Internet

Using the example of data packets that are routed on the Internet and thus find their way in the network, electricity should also make its way through the power grid in this way with the help of energy packets. Our intelligent routing algorithms then make it possible to find the most favorable route between the generator and the consumer.

  • Packet-based

    New type of energy transport in which individual power packets flexibly make their way through the grid

  • Sustainable

    Simplified integration of green energy resources, which also benefits small producers

  • Energy routing

    Intelligent routing using Quantum Grid Routers as a central solution to optimize grid infrastructure

  • Self-organized

    Optimal orientation and routing of power packets in the grid, using algorithms developed by us

  • Flexible

    Dynamic control of the grid structure through constant analysis of production and demand to ensure maximum efficiency

  • Decentralized

    Enables increased resilience, as well as security against failures and manipulation through different feed-in paths

  • Secure

    Our technology ensures security against outages, blackouts and tampering through end-to-end encryption.

The Q-Battery - intelligent storage systems for the Quantum Grid

The process and devices described in US patent US 10,361,564 B2 add another important component to GIP's Quantum Grid: a novel intelligent storage system for regenerative energy systems: the Q-Battery or Q-Energy-Storage.

This invention enables GIP to realize novel and intelligent batteries and hybrid storage systems for regenerative energy systems. Compared to conventional batteries and storage systems, the Q-Battery enables system-related supply gaps to be bridged more efficiently and dynamically. This novel storage system enables the Quantum Grid to leverage the advantages of packet-based power transmission even better than before.

The core of the invention is the power crossbar for dynamic and intelligent control of a wide range of storage media (supercapacitors, batteries, mechanical rotary storage, etc.) and their intelligent packet-based energy management.

The control and energy management of the Q-Battery is realized with Xyna software technologies such as Xyna-Phi and XAI. These and other Xyna technologies are the central factor without which the quantum leap of the Quantum Grid and the Q-Battery would not be possible. It is only through Xyna technology that a conventional "dumb battery" becomes a "thinking battery". In the process, some of the inverter technology currently installed in solar and wind generators can also be saved by having these tasks performed by a Q-Battery with the corresponding Quantum Grid router function.

The field of application of the Q-Storage goes far beyond the previous approaches "Quantum Grid" and "Quantum Grid out of the box". For example, this novel energy storage system is ideally suited for on-board power supply of satellites or for lunar and Mars missions.

With this new invention and its patenting, GIP can confirm and further expand its leading position in worldwide Energy Internet research.

Quantum Grid 4.0

Currently, GIP is working on the further development of the Quantum Grid to QG4.0. The goal is the self-organized integration of generation, demand, loss and storage forecasts for a packet-based, sector-coupled energy supply system by means of algorithmic intelligence.


Quantum Grid - The energy network of the future - XK2015

The Quantum Grid is revolutionary and a quantum leap for grid technology. This approach has the advantage of higher flexibility and is better suited for use in environments with dynamic network behavior. It is also much more resilient than centralized approaches.

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Our research partners

Cooperation partner

Research team around Prof. Dr. A. Sumper, CITCEA Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Prof. Sumper's team is developing the Quantum Grid Router and the power electronics required for power flow control.


Dr. B. Reifenhäuser and Dr. A. Ebbes, "Method and device for directional transmission of electrical energy in an electrical supply network". European patent: EP 2 430 723 B1; patent in the USA: US 9337655 B2; patent in China: CN102439812B.

Dr. A. Ebbes and Dr. B. Reifenhäuser, "Electronical Power Distribution and Method for Distributing Electrical Power". American patent: US 10,361,564 B2

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