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Quantum Grid more important than ever

In addition to the ever-increasing pandemics in the future, there is a real risk of a blackout due to the diversification of the European power grid into classic large-scale power plants and many green plants that generate renewable energy, from small PV systems to offshore wind farms. In this case, the power supply would fail across the country or across Europe, sending millions of people back to the Middle Ages. Even though some critical infrastructure has made provisions with emergency generators, these only run for a limited time. Once this time has elapsed, vital equipment in hospitals would fail, the transport of raw materials and food would be halted, and hundreds of thousands would have to lose their lives. In addition, the economic consequences are immense. A pan-European blackout came within a hair's breadth in January of this year, when the power supply for Europe was on the verge of collapse.

Accordingly, a secure and predictable power supply is essential for the European economy and society. For more than a decade, the GIP Research Institute has been working intensively on the conception of future intelligent energy networks. To this end, Dr. Alexander Ebbes and DocBernd developed the Quantum Grid for packet-based, routed and self-organized power transmission, analogous to Internet technology. GIP holds patents in Europe for this novel power grid and transmission method. Built in analogy to the Internet, which was designed for resilience and robustness, a routed power grid has a high potential for blackout prevention. In this way, we aim to drive the development of an energy internet and make a positive contribution to the energy transition and environmental protection through the integration of renewable energy.

Already in 2015, our Xyna conference was fully dedicated to the topic of "Energy and Internet" and in particular to the Quantum Grid. The dangers of a blackout were reported by Mark Elsberg, who very vividly described the impact of a pan-European blackout in his bestseller. GIP has continuously developed the Quantum Grid. At the 2017 Xyna conference, DocBernd presented the use of artificial intelligence in the Quantum Grid, and in the course of the 2018 conference, the method patented by Dr. Ebbes and DocBernd for intelligent packet-based control of hybrid storage could be presented. With this technology, power profiles can be realized by the intelligent and packet-based power flow of different storages with different power characteristics.

At the 2019 conference, DocBernd presented the Quantum Grid out of the Box for Africa, which allows previously less developed areas to access electricity.

A critical step in the evolution of the Quantum Grid was made by DocBernd through the invention of a new transmission method with a modified power package and self-organized management to compensate and balance volatility. This modified Quantum Grid is not only limited to the power grid, but also enables smart sector coupling, as well as smart and automatic management of storage. In December 2020, a patent application was filed for this new process and the associated new transmission network.

With this modified Quantum Grid QG 4.0, the existing European power grid can be segmented into security cells. These security cells are interconnected via so-called quantum grid routers, the cell router, for packet transmission. Each of these cells is a micro grid, managed by the Cell Router. If there is a power shortage in one of these cells that can no longer be compensated, the Quantum Grid Router can limit the blackout locally to this cell. In addition, important consumers such as hospitals or mobile radio stations in the cell can be connected to the cell router via Quantum Grid Routers. In this way, their supply can continue to be ensured.

All this is done by the Quantum Grid Control software and the corresponding power electronics controlled by this software.

This will include the following key innovations:

  • Self-organized and automatic storage management to compensate for fluctuations
  • Integration of power and gas grid to incorporate hydrogen-based energy supply and Power2X
  • Cell Segmentation & No Trust Cyber Security: New security concept against cyber attacks 

This allows the power grid to be inoculated against blackout with our Quantum Grid mRNA in the form of our new control software. Currently DocBernd is working on the further development of the Quantum Grid based Bulkhead & Firewall concept against the widespread spread of a blackout.

More information can be found at Quantum Grid.