Thinking & Computing

According to our mission "Thinking Beyond Computing" we develop innovations and technologies based on algorithmic intelligence to solve significant problems.


Innovations for a networked world for the benefit of people and the environment are the DNA of GIP AG.

Doc Bernds' FutureLab

Projects, discussions and ideas from our research team surrounding Doc Bernd.

Quantum Grid - An internet inspired grid

The Quantum Grid is revolutionary and a quantum leap for grid technology. This approach has the advantage of greater flexibility and is better for use in environments with dynamic network behavior.

Future Energy

Digitized distribution network for tomorrow's power supply

Future Energy

Doc Bernd's FutureLab

DocBernd's contributions to trends and developments in the GIP Research Institute

Doc Bernds Futurelab


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Thinking & Computing

In our world, which is becoming increasingly interconnected via a wide variety of impact and communication chains, we are facing major challenges, such as climate change. We are convinced that innovations that intelligently network, control, regulate and manage the various systems of action by means of algorithmic intelligence will make a significant contribution to meeting these challenges.


In accordance with our mission, as a private company we deal with the development of such innovations whose unique selling proposition is formed by algorithmic intelligence and support companies in such innovations. Since our focus is on innovations based on technical inventions, we deal with the question of whether and how invention ideas become patent-protected inventions with the prospect of successful commercial exploitation.

Research & Development

A central task is to keep an eye on future technology and market trends. For this purpose, corresponding R & D projects are carried out. Since GIP AG does not have its own research and development staff and laboratories, these projects are carried out in virtual form with and at our cooperation partners.

In addition to Software Defined Networking & Software Innovations, which is being worked on in cooperation with GIP Exyr GmbH, the Quantum Grid: A Power Grid like the Internet is currently the largest focus of research activities. In the future, Systemic and Algorithmic Biology will be a new focus and is currently under development.

Future Energy

Climate change makes an energy transition 2.0 necessary. Hydrogen produced from renewable sources will play an important role in this. For this to succeed, a new power grid is needed as a backbone for a regenerative and CO2-neutral energy supply, via which the various sectors can be coupled. This cannot be realized by the physically rigidly coupled classic power grid of today. This is because the physics of the grid also impose insurmountable limits on smart grid solutions.

For this reason, GIP AG is constantly developing its Quantum Grid with its patented process for packet-based power transmission for a power grid like the Internet. With this Quantum Grid, GIP is one of the leading institutions dealing with the so-called Energy Internet. An overview of such solutions can be found in the book " Energy Internet".