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XOLLX FutureLab

Driving forward cutting-edge algorithmic solutions in an interdisciplinary framework


Process & network automation for future networks


Energy management & the vision of a power grid like the internet


Neuro-symbolic AI solutions beyond GenAI


a Neuro-symbolic AI & Hyperautomation SynBio DryLab Platform with natural Language User Interface for Biosciences

Mission: Thinking & Computing

In our increasingly interconnected world, marked by a spectrum of impact and interaction chains, we are facing major global challenges, i. e. the climate change.

We believe that innovations in smart design using Next Generation Artificial Intelligence technologies will play a crucial role in key solutions shaping our future. Guided by our mission, "Thinking beyond Computing," we are dedicated to developing and implementing such solutions grounded in Next Generation artificial and symbolic intelligence.

"Thinking" represents xyna.ai's development of a reliable Next Generation Artificial & Symbolic Intelligence, encompassing both data-driven AI solutions augmented by knowledge & scientific-mathematical models for specific domains, while also meeting the EU AI Act's requirements for critical infrastructures.

"Computing" refers to both the self-organized, autonomous pipeline for neuro-symbolic AI and hyperautomation software executed on digital, as well as solutions executed by physical systems, such as neuromorphic, and quantum computers, emphasizing cost and energy efficiency in its operation.

Systems & process networks with graph-theoretic structures form the core of our work. We offer solutions for network-based industries, including telecommunications through xyna.com, and power transmission and energy systems via xyna.energy. Our latest venture is xyna.bio - a NextGen AI and hyperautomation Dry Lab Platform facilitating the design of innovative synthetic biological systems.


We focus on Neuro-symbolic AI & Hyperautomation Innovations for network-based industries & future biology business areas with attractive business models and market potentials.

Product & solution development, sales and marketing as well as customer project realization is done only by our affiliates:

  • GIP Exyr GmbH, a GIP AG company, with a focus on future communication networks based on xyna.com and system integration for neuro-symbolic AI & hyperautomation solutions. Further GIP Exyr offers AI & hyperautomation as well as conventional IT consulting together with individual software development with a strong focus on AI & automation.
  • Xyna GmbH, a GIP AG company offering xyna.com, xyna.ai & xyna.energy cloud services, as well as professional service for the open source xyna solutions with the support for the open-source version of xyna.bio planned for the future.


As GIP AG is a purely digital and virtual research company with no staff other than the management, there are no job offers.

If you are interested in attractive job opportunities, take a look at the career page of our associated company GIP Exyr GmbH:

Career at GIP Exyr GmbH

Innovations are in our DNA

Looking over the edge with a focus on the future and innovation since 2006

We are constantly rethinking innovations with a focal point on interdisciplinary dialogue directing future visions. Since 2006 we have hosted the Xyna conference – an exclusive event with renowned speakers from industry and science, selected by us annually, create a unique opportunity to discuss current issues and innovations, to gather new impulses.

Innovations Beyond Computing

14. Xyna Konferenz 21.11.2019 at the Kurhaus, Wiesbaden

How do new ideas emerge? How will synthetic biology change our lives? What characterizes social innovations? "Innovations Beyond Computing" was the motto of the 14th Xyna conference held by the Mainz-based software house GIP AG

Que Sera! Smart World: What Mars Can Teach Us.

13. Xyna Konferenz 21.11.2018 at the Kurhaus, Wiesbaden

What could human life on Mars look like - and what can we learn from such a scenario for our world today? Under the motto "Que sera, Smart World - What Mars can teach us", this year's Xyna conference of the Mainz-based GIP Research Institute took place on November 21, 2018.

Thinking Beyond Computing: Can We Copy The Brain?

12. Xyna Konferenz 29.11.2017 at the Kurhaus, Wiesbaden

GIP celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and invited a very special guest and speaker to mark the occasion: the Pope of AI, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber.

Just to name a few

Take a look into past XK reviews, discussing central infrastructures, innovations beyond the cloud, digitalization of the modern world and more.

Now: from the stage back to the lab

The XOLLX FutureLab is the direct descendant of our xyna conference vision for interdisciplinary exchange and a drive towards change. We want to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas, discussion of innovation& technology trends, support for innovative minds and the implementation of funded R&D projects with a focus on pioneering future solutions driving change.



GIP AG fördert studentisches Projekt zu grünem Wasserstoff in Namibia

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Mit Startschuss im Mai 2023 unterstützt die GIP in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Verein 3E4Africa ein studentisches Forschungsprojekt in Namibia.


Xyna Ad Astra

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Under this motto, GIP Exyr GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of GIP AG, hosted XynaCom on 14.06.2022 at the Kulturzentrum, Mainz. In the morning, exciting workshops were held, which provided an insight into selected projects.

Company, Innovation, xyna.com

Founding of the research alliance Future Networks

Monday, June 20, 2022