Mission: Thinking Beyond Computing

In our world, which is becoming increasingly interconnected via a wide variety of impact and communication chains, we are facing major challenges, such as climate change. We are convinced that innovations that intelligently network, control, regulate and manage the various systems of action by means of algorithmic intelligence will make a significant contribution to meeting these challenges.

According to our mission Thinking beyond Computing, we have set ourselves the task of developing such innovations, i.e. new ideas, technologies and their implementation in solutions for significant problems based on algorithmic intelligence, which provide significant benefits to the relevant stakeholders, i.e. individuals, groups, organizations or society.

Here, "Thinking" stands for the development of solutions with Algorithmic Intelligence, which includes not only all forms of data-driven artificial intelligence, but also solutions that solve technical tasks on the basis of knowledge, model-based, self-organized and autonomous.

"Computing" describes not only the execution of this algorithmic intelligence in the form of software on digital computers, but also such algorithmic solutions executed by physical systems, such as analog computers or even quantum computers, as well as hybrid systems of digital and analog computers.