Future Energy & Quantum Grid

Our mission starts at the intersection of technology, energy, and AI.

Climate change makes it necessary to rethink the energy supply systems.

The expansion of electrification to provide green energy to replace fossil fuels in the public, private and industrial sectors will be key. To achieve this, we need an integrated future energy concept with corresponding sector coupling between electricity, gas and heating networks.

To ensure this, more and more renewable energy sources are needed on the generation side, leading to more volatile electricity production, and on the consumer side we have fluctuating and increasing demand influenced by climate change. Innovation is needed to meet these requirements. For the energy transition to succeed, a new power grid and smart site management is needed as a backbone for a regenerative and CO2-neutral energy supply, via which the various sectors can be coupled.


Self-organized, AI-based site management

Inspired by our patented Quantum Grid technology, xyna.energy smart site management offers a solution for site specific generation, load and battery capacity forecasts, achieved by our neuro-symbolic xyna.ai. Forecast results are the basis for optimal green purchasing, hedging and power routing decisions for grid stability.

Quantum Grid

A power grid like the Internet

Inspired by the routing of data packets in the network, electricity should also make its way through the power grid in this way with the help of elementary energy packets, which are composed of elementary energy packets (Quantum power packets). Our intelligent Quantum Grid routing algorithms then make it possible to find the most favorable route between the generator and the consumer.