2012 – Service Innovations Boosted By Industrialized Service Engineering

7. Xyna Konferenz
14.11.2012 at the Kurhaus, Wiesbaden

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the GIP, the seventh Xyna Conference presented itself with a new concept. The event focused on a lively exchange and intensive discussion on the future of communication.

The conference was divided into three content sections:

A conference section in which Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser, as President of the GIP Research Institute, addressed the core concept of the GIP: industrialization - and in particular the industrialized production of services on modern network infrastructures.

A discussion forum that concretized the central idea of the conference - Industrialized Service Engineering - and interactively addressed various aspects together with the participants: Configuration Engineering, Service & Workflow Modeling and Network Activation.

The anniversary gala dinner buffet with regional specialties, which was opened by Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser with a review of the 20-year history of GIP.

XK2012 Review - Video

A review of the Xyna Conference 2012 of the GIP Research Institute on 14.11.2012 at the Kurhaus, Wiesbaden.

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