Our Mission at XOLLX FutureLab

Thinking Beyond Computing & AI

At XOLLX Lab, we strive to advance the synergy between AI and biosciences in creating powerful future solutions. Dedicated to pioneer the forefront of algorithmic innovation in an interdisciplinary framework, we connect academic and industrial players in a collaborative hub.

With a commitment to creativity and boldness, we harness diverse AI technologies alongside software-based analytics and simulation to drive algorithmic innovation. Embracing our Mission of "Thinking beyond computing & AI", we extend our solutions into applications of synthetic biology, unlocking transformative possibilities through the fusion of next generation AI solutions with biological systems. We are excited to start new project directions into AI applications and solutions for biological research, energy distribution and more to further push established boundaries.

Fostering Local Next Generation Research

Central to our mission is fostering scientific talents, showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in synthetic biology. The iGEM (international genetic engineered machine) competition, the worldwide largest competition providing passionate students and young researchers with the possibility to innovate and present their synbio-based solutions to the world.

From 400 teams 2023, 4 german iGEM Teams reached spots in the top 10, numerous more earning special awards for their extraordinary scientific performances, creative interdisciplinary work, and a vision for change. Inspired by these achievements we started the XOLLX iGEM Grant 2024 - a partnerships program for a diverse array of industrial sponsors committed to supporting individually matched local iGEM projects.

We want to cultivate local potential and highlight german scientific excellence, with a spotlight on the intersection of artificial intelligence and bio-based innovation in groundbreaking projects providing solutions in fields from therapeutics to energy and beyond.  By developing a collaborative ecosystem that bridge young research teams, local industry partners, and experts, we strive to incubate visionary ideas and ignite projects of high innovative potential.