Welcome to the XOLLX Future Lab!

Our mission is to drive forward cutting-edge algorithmic solutions in an interdisciplinary framework.

At FutureLab, brilliant minds come together to do pioneering work. We strive to cooperatively discover, discuss, and promote creative and bold ideas for future technologies.

A particular focus of our work is algorithmic innovation through the use of diverse AI technologies combined with software-based analysis and simulation. True to the motto "Thinking beyond computing", the FutureLab also explores the research fields of synthetic biology in order to open up groundbreaking possibilities by combining AI solutions with biological systems.

We see an essential point in promoting the next generations of researchers. By building collaborative structures between young research teams, local industry partners and leading experts, we strive to develop visionary ideas and initiate projects with a high innovation potential.

Through our collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, we aim to foster essential discourse on algorithmic and SynBio-based technologies to catalyze next-generation innovation and significant change.