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XOLLX iGEM Grant 2024

Celebrate the success of German teams at the forefront of international synthetic biology innovation! Out of 400 iGEM teams worldwide, an impressive four German teams clinched spots in the top 10, even more teams earning numerous special prizes, including 11 gold and 7 silver medals. Among these gold and silver medal and XOLLX iGEM Grant 2023 awared iGEM Teams – Tübingen, Frankfurt, Aachen.

This extraordinary performance during the latest iGEM cycle has inspired us to expand our XOLLX iGEM Grant Program, dedicated to supporting both established and emerging local Rhein-Main based iGEM teams. 

Our mission is clear: foster the talents of emerging scientists showcasing the synergy of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology.

In collaboration with students, universities, local companies, and experts, we aim to provide resources and sponsoring to passionate local iGEM teams. 

We place a spotlight on the intersection of artificial intelligence and bio-based innovation, cultivating the creative potential of emerging researchers for groundbreaking projects in bio remediation, therapeutics, and beyond.

We are starting an upcoming partnerships program for a diverse array of industrial sponsors committed to supporting and guiding individually matched iGEM teams on their journey. If you share our vision, are interested in becoming a sponsor or eager for more information, reach out to the XOLLX iGEM Grant team using the contact information below.

What is the XOLLX iGEM Grant?

The XOLLX iGEM Grant will be awarded to multiple Germany based iGEM Teams in 2024 to foster local excellence. Teams demonstrating exceptional engagement, innovative project potential, and excellence in interdisciplinary scientific work have a chance to be recognized, present their ideas to local industrial partners and awarded with a grant.

How can you qualify?

We are looking for exceptional german iGEM teams, motivated to push boundaries and innovative ideas. Your iGEM team qualifies for the XOLLX iGEM Grant, if a central part in your project is AI-based analytics, bioinformatical pipeline design, such as molecular modelling, or wet lab automation.

To enter for qualification assessment please send us a short message with how your project qualifies in the mentioned fields and what vision your iGEM project entails at the address given below.

What is iGEM?

The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Competition ( is a global synthetic biology competition in which students from universities and research institutions worldwide develop innovative solutions in areas such as medicine, environmental protection, food production and energy. Using standardized biological building blocks and tools such as DNA sequencing and bioinformatics, teams modify or design biological systems to enable useful functions and develop innovative solutions. Teams have the chance to showcase their skills in an interdisciplinary environment and present their projects at the annual iGEM conference.

iGEM Alumni

We are constantly developing our network of iGEM Alumni to establish a foundation of support for new iGEM Teams. If you are interested in joining as an Alumni, are looking for support, experience or advice – follow our LinkedIn page to access our iGEM Alumni network.

XOLLX iGEM Grant contact

Coordination: Wiktoria Palka


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